ECOT Scandal

ECOT SCANDAL                               6/20/18


Today the non-partisan Innovation Ohio issued an analysis estimating that the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) defrauded the state $189 million since 2002 by overstating student enrollment.

$Taxpayer dollars diverted to ECOT since 2000…more than $1billion

$Local school district funding diverted to ECOT since 2012…$591 million

$Campaign contributions to Ohio politicians…$2 million

ECOT four year graduation rate…worst in the country

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How many more Trump missteps can we tolerate?

6/17/18 There’s an excellent editorial in the Columbus Dispatch titled “How many more Trump missteps can we tolerate?” Its first paragraph…”As the reckless presidency of Donald Trump goes on it is difficult to see how anyone would not be alarmed by the damage done to American values and interests at home and abroad.” The editorial notes that most Republican office holders are afraid to criticize Trump publicly…and that their failure to do so is a threat to democracy.

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Speaker Replaced

6/7/18 Republicans finally elected a new speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives. Ryan Smith replaces Cliff Rosenberger, who resigned 4/12/18 due to an FBI investigation. The House could not vote any legislation for eight weeks, including pay raises for 11,000 state employees, tougher payday lending rules, and funding for more secure election equipment. 

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ECOT Closing

1/18/18 ECOT, Ohio’s largest charter school, was forced to close, leaving 12,000 students to find an alternative in the middle of the school year. ECOT received over a billion tax dollars since 2000, consistently undereducated its students and over billed the state. Ohio’s politicians failed two decades of students because they were more focused on the 2.1M campaign contributions they received. Mike DeWine, candidate for governor, $12,000, and his running mate John Husted, $28,500, were among the politicians that put their campaign bank accounts ahead of Ohio’s students.      

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Editorial Cartoons - May 27, 2018

June 17, 2018

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