• Increase funding for public schools
  • Lower tuition at public colleges   
  • Reverse the tax shift that has drained money from schools and given tax cuts to corporations.
  • Crack down on for profit charter schools that fail to properly educate children.
  • Eliminate school district tax abatements.


Health Care

  • Protect the expansion of Medicaid that has provided health insurance to 700,000 working poor Ohioans.
  • Provide increased funding for treatment and to law enforcement to fight the opioid epidemic.
  • Improve birth control access and education. 



  • Provide a billion dollar income tax cut for paycheck Ohioans.
  • Eliminate preferential tax treatment for the rich.
  • Enact a severance tax that is equivalent to other oil and gas producing states.  



  • Protect collective bargaining rights.
  • Raise the minimum wage.
  • Take a common sense, performance based, approach to job creation.


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